Trust Us with Your Life

Do you remember Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Didn’t you just LOVE that show?  I did.  It was my favorite comedy/improv show on television.  Actually, it was probably the only one on.  Anyway, it was an ABC production, and I think ABC has done it again with a similar show called Trust Us with Your Life.

It’s hilarious.  And it’s by the creators of Whose Line, so of course it’s going to be good.

The premise is similar to that of Whose Line, in that a group of comedians/actors perform skits in different styles according to what is on the card that they know nothing about.  The twist is that there is a celebrity who is telling their story and key points about their childhood and life.

And the best part?  It’s almost the same cast as Whose Line.  There’s Wayne Brady and Colin Mocherie.  Greg Proops showed up in one episode, and some random guy named Craig.  And then, of course, Wayne Brady’s right hand on Let’s Make a Deal, Jonathan Mangum.  Love these guys.  Oh, and the host?  Fred Willard.  Yup.  This is awesome.

Last night the first two episodes aired.  The first was with Serena Williams, and the second was with Jack and Kelly Osbourne.  Not gonna lie.  I didn’t think I was going to be interested in the Serena episode, but it was really good.  It must have been filmed awhile back, as most shows are, but I think it was awfully convenient that she just won Wimbledon.

Serena’s episode was all about her being a little princess, and there was some pretty funny skits about her being a tennis star.

The Osbourne episode was the reason I wanted to watch, not knowing the premise beforehand.  And it did not disappoint, especially once I realized it was like Whose Line.  But the Jack and Kelly were in true form.  They are hilarious and really down to earth and very likable.  Just watch it.


Trust Us with Your Life airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9pm, so check your local listings.


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