Because I actually Watched Snooki & JWoww

This is my obligatory I watch Snooki & JWoww post.  And this is me not openly admitting that I watch this show.  Because if I admit it to the Internet, then it must be true.  Because the Internet never lies.  Really.

So, we’re four episodes into this damn show.  And I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a train wreck it is.  Like, I can’t believe I waited and waited and was excited to watch this show.  Because I wasn’t.  I swear.  Please, Internet, don’t tell anyone.

Not gonna lie.  I’m really disliking it.  And I don’t know if it’s because the length of the show feels short or if this is a show about two genuinely obnoxious women who became famous for no reason, I’m having a hard time finding anything good about the show.  Other than it fed my obsession with reality TV.  Or the Jersey Shore.  Or both.

In this week’s episode, and actually a running gag throughout all the episodes thus far is Snooki telling everyone she’s engaged, and then pregnant.  Her Jersey Shore roommates came to dinner and they were less than accepting of this news, most of them being total jerks and making jokes about how she’s going to be divorced in a year, and having a baby isn’t a race – when the baby’s here, you’re not done.

Ok.  There’s a lot of crap in the media about Snooki, and she says some really dumb things that make me wonder about her ability to be a human, much less a mother, but I feel bad that her news wasn’t better received.  She was hoping for support, and all she got was crap and bad jokes.

Moving along.  They had a housewarming party, and it looks as though there is trouble in paradise for our lovely JWoww and Roger.  With the way he talks about not getting any, I’m not surprised.  But that would mean I actually care about this how.  Which I don’t, I swear.

So, next time on this show that I am not watching, Jenni is going to have some relationship issues, and who knows what’s going to happen to Snooki.


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