Marathoning Felicity

Oh, Felicity.  You SUCKED me in.  I couldn’t pull myself away.

Or perhaps I should be blaming Hulu Plus… Either way, I got sucked in to watching four seasons of Felicity in about a week.  Yes, I can marathon shows like that.  It’s not that I have all this time to be doing it.  If I had to sit in front of the TV and do it, I don’t think I could – it requires an awful lot of time.  I blame the Hulu Plus app I have on my iPhone.  I can watch anything any time, anywhere.  So, yeah, I got sucked in.

Anyway… I got sucked into watching Felicity.  It originally aired from 1998 to 2002, and was supposed to follow one girl through college so you could see how college and New York changed her life.  Yup.  it certainly did.  I WAS  little curious about why it only ran for four seasons, so I did a little searching and came up with a bunch of crap about the stars wanting more money, or screen time, or something.  Then I found a comment on some site that said that creator JJ Abrams had only intended for the series to run four seasons and no more BECAUSE it was about a girl who’s life changed in college.  I’ll believe that before I believe some of the other things.

Well, back to my thoughts…

Basically, the timeline of important events goes like this:

  • Felicity followed Ben to New York, and college (UNY)
  • Felicity met Noel, her RA, who seemingly immediately fell in love with her
  • Felicity started “stalking” Ben, who wanted to date her sort of BFF, Julie (who was the… PINK POWER RANGER!  go, go, Power Rangers…)
  • Felicity met Elena who would become another BFF, along with Meghan, who was goth at the time, and everyone hated Meghan
  • Felicity dated Noel, but was still in love with Ben.  She tried having sex with Noel, but a fire in his dorm room put the kibosh on that
  • To change her life, Felicity cut her hair.  Short.  So short that it’s a pop culture reference
  • Ben and Felicity continued to work together at Dean & Deluca, while Noel and Felicity stayed friends
  • Felicity and Ben finally started dating, and she wanted them to move in together.  It didn’t work
  • Meghan and Sean, Ben’s roommate, started dating.  She became much more likable
  • Elena started dating Tracy, an uber-religious guy who wanted to be a virgin for his wife… until he went to Africa and hussied up with some chick
  • Julie left
  • Ben got protective-cuddly with the new roommate whose boyfriend had a drug problem.  Felicity was jealous
  • Elena and Tracy got engaged, but called off the wedding at the altar
  • Sean and Meghan got married instead
  • Noel married Javier’s cousin, and stayed married for a year to collect $50K, which he gave to Sean because it was “blood money”
  • Ben went to EMT training, and Felicity spent the summer with Elena and Noel
  • Felicity and Noel slept together
  • Ben found out and broke up with Felicity
  • During the groveling, Ben met Lauren, his father’s AA sponsoree.  His father had liver problems and was sick.  Ben and Lauren bonded, which made Felicity jealous
  • Ben knocked up Lauren, and she wanted to move to Arizona
  • Felicity got caught in a fire in the art room, and Noel saved her life
  • Ben got into a car accident with Lauren who was driving drunk and 8 months pregnant
  • Ben and Felicity got back together
  • Sean and Noel started a graphics business together
  • The gang graduated, and Felicity left NY to go home to Palo Alto
  • 6 months later, Ben is in Palo Alto with Felicity, Elena is “dead,” and Noel is getting married
  • Ben cheats on Felicity before the wedding
  • There is a series of flashback “fantasy” episodes which negates most of the timeline above
  • Felicity finds someone to help her get “back to the future,” where Noel is getting married, Elena is alive, Sean and Meghan are together, and Felicity and Ben get back together

Phew… that was quite a timeline for four years.  And it totally sucked me in.

Aside from the fact that I couldn’t get away from it, there were a few things I just couldn’t get over.  First, I always thought Felicity should have been with Noel.  Even thought the stupid flashback “fantasy” episodes pulled a “It’s a Wonderful Life” and killed Noel.  I thought she should have been with him all along.  Mostly because I thought Ben was a giant douche.  And he and Felicity kept hurting each other.  I mean, how many times can you hurt someone before you just throw in the towel…

I also hated that as the series continued, Ben and Felicity did more whispering than actual speaking.  Of course I had captions on, but I don’t think I really saw Ben’s mouth move once during senior year.  He had a funny way of speaking.  And Felicity opened her mouth, but no sound would come out.  Most of their scenes together were of them fighting in a whisper, or apologizing in a whisper, or having pillow talk in a whisper.  Seriously… speak up!

I hated the fantasy episodes.  Even though I thought Felicity should have picked Noel, she didn’t.  She chose Ben, and I accepted that.  I really didn’t need to see the what if about the whole thing.  Besides, I thought the writers really took the most possible dramatic ideas they could and made them happen.  Why couldn’t they have just been happy?

Oh, and the series finale was an actual clip show.  There were scenes with older Felicity trying to get back home, but she was telling the story of how she got to where she was, and unfortunately for me, that involved showing clips.

Overall, I like the show.  I remember liking it when I watched it the first time on TV.  I don’t remember seeing how it ended, but I do remember the bulk of everything else.  I read somewhere that it was on a few top 100 lists and was nominated for a bunch of awards for being the best show.  I have no doubt it was a great show.  I’m just not happy about how it ended.

What did you think of Felicity?


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