Celebrity Apprentice All Stars

The newest cast for Celebrity Apprentice has been announced.  And they’re the “all stars.” Fine.  I’ll bite.  But only because I love Celebrity Apprentice.  Here’s what the cast looks like this time around:

For the men:

And for the women:

I think the teams are a little lopsided, unless they’re planning on adding more women.  That also depends on how they divide up the teams.  Will it be men vs women, or will there be some other random criteria?

Anyway.  The men’s team definitely looks strong, and I’m not surprised.  The women, in my opinion, are lacking.  I really only like Lisa Rinna.  All the others I really don’t care much about.  LaToya was a joke, and Omarosa is only famous for being the Apprentice.  Compare them to Penn, Lil Jon, Dee Snider and Dennis Rodman… they don’t stand a chance.

And are they really the all stars?  Actually, they are probably the only ones who agreed to do the show again.

Whatever.  I’ll still watch.  It’s what I do.


One thought on “Celebrity Apprentice All Stars

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