Bachelorette Emily and Jef End Engagement: Is Anyone Surprised?

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I had a few thoughts that came to mind.

The news of the latest Bachelorette split comes as no surprise to me, nor should it anyone.  Can a real relationship or true love REALLY come from a televised manufactured series of situations in which you spend the least amount of time with the person you ultimately end up choosing?  Is that really what it takes to find love or make a relationship work?  I kind of doubt it.

Recent Bachelorette, Emily and her fiance Jef (with one “f”) have ended their engagement.    And after only a few months.  They have said the split is on good terms and both have stated that they were a couple in love and trying to make it work.  But obviously, they couldn’t.

I’d never watched the Bachelorette before this season, and I sincerely doubt I’ll ever watch it again.  It felt empty and insincere.  But what can you expect from reality television… it also felt rushed, but when you have 25 guys allegedly vying for the affection of one woman and six weeks to do the wooing in a minimal capacity, there is nothing shocking about the end results.  And it only confirmed my original idea that you can’t find love on a television that is based around finding love.  I understand there are unique circumstances, and there is an exception to every rule, but overall, that’s just not how it works.

Oh, and what kills me, or makes me giggle depending on how you look at it, about this split is that Emily was the “winner” on a previous season of the Bachelor.  And that relationship ended, and Emily was claiming to be hurt by it, and never thought she’d find love again, much less on TV.  And what did she do?  She signed up to be the prize instead off the ass fighting for the prize.  Meh, whatever I guess.

Best of luck to them.  I’m sure they’ll find what they’re looking for.


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