Home Improvement Reunion with Last Man Standing

I rarely get a chance to watch Last Man Standing, mostly because that is bedtime for the Boy.  But I caught this week’s episode with special guest Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  It was quite a cute reunion between JTT and Tim Allen, who spent many years as father and son on Home Improvement.

Last Man Standing is a sitcom about a father with three daughters, rather than three sons.  So, naturally, it’s great to see a total opposite scenario for the man’s man.  And that’s probably what made the reunion even funnier.

There were plenty of jokes, when JTT was actually onscreen, about him looking familiar, being a middle child, and having a souped up car for “more power” complete with trademark Tim the Tool Man grunting.

Being the season finale, there are many other changes to come, like kids leaving for college and moving out on their own finally, but I wonder of JTT will be back for more cameos, or if this will be a one-shot deal.

Not gonna lie, as a diehard JTT fan from waaaaaayyy back, I was excited to see the reunion for a couple reasons.  First, because who doesn’t love seeing their favorite TV characters reunite in totally different roles, and second, because it’s fun to do a whole “where are they now” with people who are your age (JTT is 31, and a year older than me, btw).  I was a little disappointed in his looks, but years age people.  He didn’t look old, just different, and not like the cute little boy whose posters I plastered to my walls.  And that’s just fine.  He still looks… good?  But that doesn’t really matter.  Tim looks great.

The episode, overall, was alright, and I’m sure I’ll be watching it next season, should it be renewed.


Celebrity Apprentice: “I’m Being Punked by a Jackson”

Another week, and another bad firing decision.  Although, again, I think Trump was right in saying he really didn’t have a choice.  La Toya was fired.  However, Trump said himself that had she brought Omarosa back to the boardroom, Omarosa would have been fired – and that would have been the easy choice.  But since she didn’t, and no one agreed with bringing back anyone else to the boardroom, La Toya had to go.

This week’s challenge was to created a live soap opera ad for some new Crystal product.  Stephen Baldwin and La Toya Jackson were the project managers, and both teams got to work with a real soap opera star: Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner.  The entire time, I really wanted Stephen Baldwin’s team to lose because I wanted to see him get fired.  In fact, him being the PM was hilarious because he was really being a dick the whole time and letting all the “power” go to his head.  Marilu Henner said it best when she said, “Stephen is an actor playing the role of a director.”  AWESOME.  And couldn’t be more on.  Even Penn had something to say about his managing style.  But in the end, the Crystal Light executives liked their soap opera better.

Trace Adkins had a major crush on Susan Lucci ❤

La Toya’s team was actually pretty good and had great ideas for their presentation.  The thorn in their team was, of course, Omarosa.  She complained and did the bare minimum while she was there, AND she tried to take off La Toya’s head a time or two.  But then… she left.  An alleged emergency with the estate of her late fiance.  And what it meant was that she didn’t contribute very much to her team.  Which would have been grounds for her to be fired – IF she was brought back to the boardroom.

The judges on Trump’s side of the table were Ivanka and last year’s winner, Aresenio Hall.  He was so cool.  He was fair and did his job without fighting with anyone – until Omarosa tried to pick a fight with him in the boardroom.  It was great to see him back because he really was that awesome.

Again, I think the wrong decision was made on who to bring back to the boardroom, and that cost La Toya her spot on the show.  What was funny was watching her try to flaunt her “Jackson” power.  Both her and Trump brought up the fact that she was fired, and she was brought back – a first in Celebrity Apprentice history.  She wanted to make more history tonite, and requested that she be granted the power to fire someone on her team.  She was ready to fire Omarosa.  Trump denied her, of course, and she ended up NOT bringing Omarosa back to the boardroom.  Considering a minute ago she was ready to fire her, I can’t see why she wouldn’t bring her in and put her on the chopping block.

Right before she was fired, and again during her after interview in the limo, La Toya said she didn’t bring Omarosa to the boardroom because she thought Trump was falling for her fake tears and dramatic attitude.  But Trump said himself that he would have fired Omarosa if she was there.  So initially, La Toya wasn’t taking any crap from Omarosa, but ultimately “backed down” from the fight by not bringing her back to the boardroom.  Clearly, the decision for Trump was easy, but it was the “weak players” to choose from that were the wrong choice.

What do you think of last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice?

Grey’s Anatomy, S9 Ep17: Transplant Wasteland

Oh silly, stupid Grey’s Anatomy.  There you go making me cry again.  Pfft.

After a week off for a rerun, last night’s episode was all new.  After the plane crash, suing the hospital, a possibly horrific buyout, and attendings quitting so they could “save” the hospital, they finally did.  With the Harper Avery Foundation.  With Jackson Avery at the wheel as the representative and head of the board of directors, which included Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Callie and Arizona.

Avery was clearly uncomfortable in his position throughout the entire episode, with scenes of his mother defending him and showing the utmost faith that he will pull through.

The basic premise for the episode, aside from the clear issues with doctors running the hospital rather than a traditional board, was the idea that the OR’s were not staffed enough, and there were three/four transplants scheduled to happen almost at the same time.  Insanity ensued.  Especially with the newly adopted (but not long kept) policies from the former possible buyer, Pegasus, which everyone, including Bailey, constantly complained about.  And those policies continued to have awful consequences: Meredith getting on a plane to retrieve a kidney, but finding out it was already en route to Seattle per a former idiotic Pegasus policy.

One of the big dramatic, power struggle moments was when Hunt quit.  He got tired of being blamed for the plane crash, and being left out of the loop, and decided not to wait to be fired, and quit instead.  Tensions were clearly high, and no one could stand the heat.

Clearly, the new board was having trouble being in charge, and needed a leader (as they have demonstrated over and over again through the previous nine seasons).  Each doctor as an individual is strong and very good at leadership, but having to work together for a common goal lead to some pretty interesting power struggling, especially with Avery being younger and less experienced and forced into his role because his mother bought the hospital.

The best and most tear-inspiring moment came at the end of the episode, after Avery finally stepped up and started making the hard decisions.  He figured out the OR situation on the fly, and used that confidence to boost himself in the board room.  Forget all the policies, the foundation will answer to the board, not the other way around, and they should be proud to be a hospital run by doctors, rather than the traditional board.

Then Avery proposed a name change to remind them why they were there and why they went through everything.  Of course, everyone agreed.  It will now be the GREY SLOAN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.  In honor of Lexie and Mark, who both died in the plane crash.

Not gonna lie.  I totally teared up during that scene.  Especially after Derek confronted Hunt to tell him he was pissed at the world… and Mark.

I expect great things, as always, with the end of this season.  This show hasn’t failed me yet.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  How do you think the season will end?

Veronica Mars and Bates Motel

What do these two shows have in common?  Not a damn thing.  Other than that I was trying to watch episodes of Veronica Mars on the WB website, and the commercials were saturated with promos for Bates Motel.

I don’t mind commercials, I really don’t.  I have subscriptions to Hulu, which has commercials, and Netflix, which does not.  I’m fine with watching networks promote other shows and products because the money  needs to come from somewhere.  But A&E along with the WB have absolutely destroyed my interest in ever watching Bates Motel by oversaturating their precious commercial space with the same promo over and over.  It’s not like it was a different promo for the same show, which would have been better.  But, no.  It was the same thing during every. single. commercial. break.  The music was creepy, and the show looked pretty cool – the first five times I saw it.  But the more I saw it, the less I wanted to watch.

I’m not in the business of advertising or promotions.  I am just a regular consumer.  And as a regular consumer, I think it is poor advertising or poor promoting to over-saturate a promo into a show.  I understand their strategy in trying to get the word out that this potentially awesome show is going to be starting soon.  But since when does poisoning your potential audience/customer with the same images to the point of nausea seem like a good idea?

I know I’m just ranting here, but I’m more than a little annoyed.  And like I mentioned a few times, I probably will not be catching Bates Motel when it airs.  Sorry, A&E.

Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter

O. M. G.  This was possibly the BEST news I’ve heard all day – and in regards to TV, it’s the best news I’ve heard EVER.

A Veronica Mars Movie will FINALLY happen.  Maybe. The catch is that it will be funded by the fans, via their kickstarter, and they have a goal of $2 million – with hopes for more.  I’m am SO in.  I literally cried after watching their kickstarter promo, THAT’S how happy I am about this.

This news was released not long ago, maybe within a few hours, and when I checked their site a minute ago, they were already up over $300,000 with over 4000 backers.

Check out their kickstarter page here.  All the potential movie details and bonus prizes for those that donate are all available there.

Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have both made comments in the past about how they would love to bring Veronica back in movie form, but the funding was just never there.  But with this awesome new way to fund movie and television projects (kickstarter), there’s a really good chance I’ll be watching Veronica Mars in movie form.  WOOHOO!

The Following, S1 Ep 8: Welcome Home

I’ve been watching this show for eight episodes now, and it continues to surprise me.  Sure, there are things I can point out that I think the characters SHOULD be doing when they’re doing something else, but overall, I’m pleased with the show.  In a sick, twisted, it-makes-me-want-to-vomit way.

I used to have an interest in serial killers.  Mostly about what made them the way they are so they want to kill people.  Over time, that changed, and they terrify me almost as much as zombies.  Let’s face it, zombies are just plain scary.  ANYway… I used to watch Dexter, and I still would if I had Showtime, and I’ll probably find it on DVD to finish the series because Dexter is a great psychological thriller.

The Following is psychological (only a little because of the plot twists and no one seems to know how Joe Carroll got this way) and gory.  I’ve seen more blood and ACTUAL violence and murdering on this show that I ever did on Dexter, who I regard as a pretty awesome serial killer.  The difference between Dexter and Joe is that Dexter is meticulous and calculated and really wants to be a good person but is stuck with this compulsion to be bad.  Joe is just plain bad, and we don’t know why.

Alright.  There are only 8 (now 7, I think) episodes left of the season, and I have no idea where it’s going or what’s going to happen.  That is often the staple of a good show.  Last week, Joe escaped from prison for the second time.  He was taken to a safe house where his cult was set up to serve him.  He had his son kidnapped, and is trying to bond with him, which just isn’t going well.  And he’s trying to find his wife, Claire, who is in protective custody.  So much happening.

To find out where Claire is, Joe has Weston, the resident FBI tech guy, kidnapped and beaten, but gets nothing from it.  And the FBI is freaking out and can’t really figure out what to do, especially with a new supervisor.  I think the new supervisor (whose name I can’t remember) is a part of Joe’s cult, mostly because he was the one that sent Weston home, which got him kidnapped and beaten for information.  I could be wrong, because it seems that in this show whenever you think you know something, you really don’t.

Oh, and Roderick finally makes an appearance.  And he’s the sheriff.  Surprise, surprise.  But he did admit – in a flashback – that he killed two of the girls that Joe took the fall for, so he’s a lot more devious than we thought.  It means that he’s more than just a follower.  And Joe referred to him as his “first student.”  Hmmm…

One of my pet peeves about this show is that it takes place in fake Virginia.  Actually, that part is pretty cool.  What makes it annoying is that there are a ton of fake cities with real names they are using, and they really don’t match in real life.  But maybe that’s a good thing because I’d had to think that this Joe Carroll is running around my state.  Anyway, a local (fake) city they used in this episode was Newport News (which is a real city, but fake in the show).  The funny part about using Newport News is that they kept calling it “Newport Harbor.”  I noticed while watching the captions (because I have the captions on for everything), and it sounded like it was dubbed over to say Harbor instead of News.  It’s just a little thing I noticed that maybe someone else wouldn’t, but I still thought it was pretty cool.

Right before they start talking about Newport News…Harbor

What do you think of The Following so far?  What do you think will happen next?

Marathoning Firefly

In the last two weeks, I think I’ve watched Firefly three – almost four – times.  Pretty crazy, except Firefly is just plain awesome.  I’ve found the time during naps, and early bedtime, and late nights when I can’t sleep.  I’ve even allowed the Boy to watch an episode or two, mostly because he’s not paying much attention and playing a game on the iPad.  But he occasionally looks up to see what’s happening before going back to his game.

I find myself wanting to learn the Chinese phrases spoken in the episodes, along with picking up some slang here and there.  “Gorram” has been added to my vocabulary permanently.

I also find that the more I watch it, the more I learn, or the more I see that I didn’t see before.

The basic idea is that it is a space western that takes place nearly 500 years in the future.  Look a little harder and you’ll see that 500 years ago, the US and China joined forces to become one large power and overthrew the UK (which is why everyone speaks Chinese phrases powdered into English sentences).  Then the Earth got used up and people began to scatter across the universe looking for homes and work.  The “Alliance” became the governing power.

If you watch Serenity (the movie sequel to the series), you’ll find out that everything was a rouse.  A group of people created the story that things happened the way they did, when the fact was that it was their fault.  And they essentially created Reavers (zombies – yuck!), and tried to stop them by then creating sleeper assassins, like River.  And that failed as well.

And I’m sure if I watch it again, I’ll find something else interesting or noteworthy.

On a side note, I’m thinking of heading to Philadelphia for Wizard World Comic Con in June to see Nathan Fillion.  We shall see, however.  There’s still lots of time beforehand to decide.  But it’s just a thought I had, and I’d love to go.