Marathoning Firefly

In the last two weeks, I think I’ve watched Firefly three – almost four – times.  Pretty crazy, except Firefly is just plain awesome.  I’ve found the time during naps, and early bedtime, and late nights when I can’t sleep.  I’ve even allowed the Boy to watch an episode or two, mostly because he’s not paying much attention and playing a game on the iPad.  But he occasionally looks up to see what’s happening before going back to his game.

I find myself wanting to learn the Chinese phrases spoken in the episodes, along with picking up some slang here and there.  “Gorram” has been added to my vocabulary permanently.

I also find that the more I watch it, the more I learn, or the more I see that I didn’t see before.

The basic idea is that it is a space western that takes place nearly 500 years in the future.  Look a little harder and you’ll see that 500 years ago, the US and China joined forces to become one large power and overthrew the UK (which is why everyone speaks Chinese phrases powdered into English sentences).  Then the Earth got used up and people began to scatter across the universe looking for homes and work.  The “Alliance” became the governing power.

If you watch Serenity (the movie sequel to the series), you’ll find out that everything was a rouse.  A group of people created the story that things happened the way they did, when the fact was that it was their fault.  And they essentially created Reavers (zombies – yuck!), and tried to stop them by then creating sleeper assassins, like River.  And that failed as well.

And I’m sure if I watch it again, I’ll find something else interesting or noteworthy.

On a side note, I’m thinking of heading to Philadelphia for Wizard World Comic Con in June to see Nathan Fillion.  We shall see, however.  There’s still lots of time beforehand to decide.  But it’s just a thought I had, and I’d love to go.


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