Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter

O. M. G.  This was possibly the BEST news I’ve heard all day – and in regards to TV, it’s the best news I’ve heard EVER.

A Veronica Mars Movie will FINALLY happen.  Maybe. The catch is that it will be funded by the fans, via their kickstarter, and they have a goal of $2 million – with hopes for more.  I’m am SO in.  I literally cried after watching their kickstarter promo, THAT’S how happy I am about this.

This news was released not long ago, maybe within a few hours, and when I checked their site a minute ago, they were already up over $300,000 with over 4000 backers.

Check out their kickstarter page here.  All the potential movie details and bonus prizes for those that donate are all available there.

Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have both made comments in the past about how they would love to bring Veronica back in movie form, but the funding was just never there.  But with this awesome new way to fund movie and television projects (kickstarter), there’s a really good chance I’ll be watching Veronica Mars in movie form.  WOOHOO!


2 thoughts on “Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter

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