Veronica Mars and Bates Motel

What do these two shows have in common?  Not a damn thing.  Other than that I was trying to watch episodes of Veronica Mars on the WB website, and the commercials were saturated with promos for Bates Motel.

I don’t mind commercials, I really don’t.  I have subscriptions to Hulu, which has commercials, and Netflix, which does not.  I’m fine with watching networks promote other shows and products because the money  needs to come from somewhere.  But A&E along with the WB have absolutely destroyed my interest in ever watching Bates Motel by oversaturating their precious commercial space with the same promo over and over.  It’s not like it was a different promo for the same show, which would have been better.  But, no.  It was the same thing during every. single. commercial. break.  The music was creepy, and the show looked pretty cool – the first five times I saw it.  But the more I saw it, the less I wanted to watch.

I’m not in the business of advertising or promotions.  I am just a regular consumer.  And as a regular consumer, I think it is poor advertising or poor promoting to over-saturate a promo into a show.  I understand their strategy in trying to get the word out that this potentially awesome show is going to be starting soon.  But since when does poisoning your potential audience/customer with the same images to the point of nausea seem like a good idea?

I know I’m just ranting here, but I’m more than a little annoyed.  And like I mentioned a few times, I probably will not be catching Bates Motel when it airs.  Sorry, A&E.


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