Grey’s Anatomy, S9 Ep17: Transplant Wasteland

Oh silly, stupid Grey’s Anatomy.  There you go making me cry again.  Pfft.

After a week off for a rerun, last night’s episode was all new.  After the plane crash, suing the hospital, a possibly horrific buyout, and attendings quitting so they could “save” the hospital, they finally did.  With the Harper Avery Foundation.  With Jackson Avery at the wheel as the representative and head of the board of directors, which included Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Callie and Arizona.

Avery was clearly uncomfortable in his position throughout the entire episode, with scenes of his mother defending him and showing the utmost faith that he will pull through.

The basic premise for the episode, aside from the clear issues with doctors running the hospital rather than a traditional board, was the idea that the OR’s were not staffed enough, and there were three/four transplants scheduled to happen almost at the same time.  Insanity ensued.  Especially with the newly adopted (but not long kept) policies from the former possible buyer, Pegasus, which everyone, including Bailey, constantly complained about.  And those policies continued to have awful consequences: Meredith getting on a plane to retrieve a kidney, but finding out it was already en route to Seattle per a former idiotic Pegasus policy.

One of the big dramatic, power struggle moments was when Hunt quit.  He got tired of being blamed for the plane crash, and being left out of the loop, and decided not to wait to be fired, and quit instead.  Tensions were clearly high, and no one could stand the heat.

Clearly, the new board was having trouble being in charge, and needed a leader (as they have demonstrated over and over again through the previous nine seasons).  Each doctor as an individual is strong and very good at leadership, but having to work together for a common goal lead to some pretty interesting power struggling, especially with Avery being younger and less experienced and forced into his role because his mother bought the hospital.

The best and most tear-inspiring moment came at the end of the episode, after Avery finally stepped up and started making the hard decisions.  He figured out the OR situation on the fly, and used that confidence to boost himself in the board room.  Forget all the policies, the foundation will answer to the board, not the other way around, and they should be proud to be a hospital run by doctors, rather than the traditional board.

Then Avery proposed a name change to remind them why they were there and why they went through everything.  Of course, everyone agreed.  It will now be the GREY SLOAN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.  In honor of Lexie and Mark, who both died in the plane crash.

Not gonna lie.  I totally teared up during that scene.  Especially after Derek confronted Hunt to tell him he was pissed at the world… and Mark.

I expect great things, as always, with the end of this season.  This show hasn’t failed me yet.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  How do you think the season will end?


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