Home Improvement Reunion with Last Man Standing

I rarely get a chance to watch Last Man Standing, mostly because that is bedtime for the Boy.  But I caught this week’s episode with special guest Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  It was quite a cute reunion between JTT and Tim Allen, who spent many years as father and son on Home Improvement.

Last Man Standing is a sitcom about a father with three daughters, rather than three sons.  So, naturally, it’s great to see a total opposite scenario for the man’s man.  And that’s probably what made the reunion even funnier.

There were plenty of jokes, when JTT was actually onscreen, about him looking familiar, being a middle child, and having a souped up car for “more power” complete with trademark Tim the Tool Man grunting.

Being the season finale, there are many other changes to come, like kids leaving for college and moving out on their own finally, but I wonder of JTT will be back for more cameos, or if this will be a one-shot deal.

Not gonna lie, as a diehard JTT fan from waaaaaayyy back, I was excited to see the reunion for a couple reasons.  First, because who doesn’t love seeing their favorite TV characters reunite in totally different roles, and second, because it’s fun to do a whole “where are they now” with people who are your age (JTT is 31, and a year older than me, btw).  I was a little disappointed in his looks, but years age people.  He didn’t look old, just different, and not like the cute little boy whose posters I plastered to my walls.  And that’s just fine.  He still looks… good?  But that doesn’t really matter.  Tim looks great.

The episode, overall, was alright, and I’m sure I’ll be watching it next season, should it be renewed.


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