What to do in my spare time…

The regular TV season is ending, and the Summer season will be starting soon.  Which means an awful lot of crappy reality TV, among other things.  Some of my favorite shows are ending – some will be coming back and some will not.  I’ve already seen previews for some of the networks, but Upfronts Week hasn’t started yet, so nothing is really OFFICIAL.

In the meantime, while I’m watching season finales (or buildups to season finales) and waiting for the fate of other shows to be determined, I’ve been wondering what to do to pass the time over the summer instead of watching reality TV.  Especially with the new baby coming, I’m going to have quite a bit of time doing “nothing” but taking care of the baby, so I found out Amazon is having a great deal/sale on movies and TV shows, as well as movie collectibles.

And don’t forget about International Star Wars Day tomorrow!

Shop Amazon – Movies

Shop Amazon DVD – May the Fourth – International Star Wars Day – Save 53 on Star Wars Blu-rays


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