Home Improvement Reunion with Last Man Standing

I rarely get a chance to watch Last Man Standing, mostly because that is bedtime for the Boy.  But I caught this week’s episode with special guest Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  It was quite a cute reunion between JTT and Tim Allen, who spent many years as father and son on Home Improvement.

Last Man Standing is a sitcom about a father with three daughters, rather than three sons.  So, naturally, it’s great to see a total opposite scenario for the man’s man.  And that’s probably what made the reunion even funnier.

There were plenty of jokes, when JTT was actually onscreen, about him looking familiar, being a middle child, and having a souped up car for “more power” complete with trademark Tim the Tool Man grunting.

Being the season finale, there are many other changes to come, like kids leaving for college and moving out on their own finally, but I wonder of JTT will be back for more cameos, or if this will be a one-shot deal.

Not gonna lie, as a diehard JTT fan from waaaaaayyy back, I was excited to see the reunion for a couple reasons.  First, because who doesn’t love seeing their favorite TV characters reunite in totally different roles, and second, because it’s fun to do a whole “where are they now” with people who are your age (JTT is 31, and a year older than me, btw).  I was a little disappointed in his looks, but years age people.  He didn’t look old, just different, and not like the cute little boy whose posters I plastered to my walls.  And that’s just fine.  He still looks… good?  But that doesn’t really matter.  Tim looks great.

The episode, overall, was alright, and I’m sure I’ll be watching it next season, should it be renewed.


“Mockingbird Lane” Pilot as Halloween Special

NBC has decided to air ‘Mockingbird Lane’, the highly anticipated Munsters reboot, the Friday before Halloween.

NBC is describing the reboot this way:

Buying a house these days is a nightmare, so Herman and Lily are shocked that no one scooped up the rambling Victorian mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane that was the site of a series of grisly hobo murders. Settling into their new place, they’re quickly onto the mission at hand: to gently ease Eddie into the reality of his werewolf adolescence. But it’s not always so easy to accept that your child is a little “different” from the rest of the kids. Meanwhile, Herman, who works as a funeral director, is suffering from a heart condition. Since he’s made up mostly of spare parts, he knew his makeshift heart would eventually give out. No worries though, because Grandpa, who is pretty good at procuring body parts, is on the case. All Herman cares about is finding a new heart with the same capacity to love Lily as much as he has for so many decades.

Not gonna lie.  I’m both excited and skeptical of this reboot.  I’m a purist, and typically don’t enjoy remakes.  Especially in television.  I mean, look at some of the most recent reboots that failed.  The Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels (which I don’t think has made it to TV yet, so maybe it hasn’t failed… if not, we’ll see),   .  Sure, there’s Hawaii 5-0, but I’m not really a fan of that one, even though the ratings are great, and people seem to enjoy it.  Actually, I think CBS has got a pretty good hold on programming these days.  NBC has been lacking, and maybe this reboot is an attempt at redemption.

But I digress.  I’m much too young to have watched the Munsters during its original airing, but I certainly watched it in reruns.  Mostly because my parents loved it.  So I loved it by association.  Actually, I liked watching it anyway.  So, therein lies my skepticism with a reboot.

Oh, and Jerry O’Connell as Herman?  Um.  Suspension of reality for a moment.  I know that in TV today, creating a realistic fake world and adding a layer of fantasy is the norm.  Come on.  You don’t really expect to see some Frankenstein dude wandering around the town.  In the 60’s, sure.  Apparently no one questioned the obvious spare parts guy walking around, nevermind the vampire grandfather and werewolf son.  So, creating normalcy from something that was really pretty out there is going to be a task for NBC.

The faith I DO have in the show lies in the creators, who also created Pushing Daisies, which I LOVED, but always felt it should have been on a bigger network, like HBO or Showtime.

I will certainly be watching Mockingbird Lane, and I can only hope that I love it.  The key to enjoying a reboot is to look at it as its own show, a singular entity and not compare it to the original.  So, I guess we’ll see.

Are you going to be watching Mockingbird Lane?