My Thoughts on the Tragic Colorado Shooting

I wanted to start by saying how saddened I am by the tragic shooting in Colorado.  The whole situation makes me sick and sad and angry all at once.  Because we really needed another shooting?  REALLY?

It’s been all over my Twitter and Facebook feeds, and I cannot escape it.  I expect the next few days weeks months will probably be flooded with people telling their stories about what happened, and even more stories speculating on why it happened.  Which is something we don’t know yet.

Which brings me to the point of this post, which clearly isn’t about anything TV related.  I felt I owed it to my inner geek to address this here.

There has been some speculation about this particular shooting being related to The Dark Knight Rises in that it was caused because the shooter wanted to be like Batman.  To be fair, I have only seen one article implying the connection, but I think that is one too many.

It is my opinion that there is no link between the movie and the shooting.  I don’t believe the gunman set out to shoot up a movie theater to be the rogue vigilante that Batman seems to be in this series of movies.  I believe the only link there is is simply that TDKR was a movie that would be more than packed with moviegoers who bought their tickets weeks ago to see the opening at midnight.  All those people means maximum damage to those looking to cause it.  If it happens that there this person did want to be Batman, I’ll eat my words.  But I don’t think that was the case.

What I also can’t get over, and this is the mom in me coming out, is who could bring their 4 month old baby to the movie theater to a midnight showing of an albeit very grownup, violent movie.  Luckily for that family, the baby was not injured or killed.  And I read a report earlier that the baby was treated for gas inhalation but was released.  Come on, people.  Show a little responsibility.  Babies shouldn’t be going to movies at midnight, much less violent ones.  Find a babysitter or don’t go.  Again, this is just my opinion, but one I feel very strongly about.

But, as I said, I digress.

A friend on Facebook had posted a sad but true comment on how people started going to the movies during the Great Depression as means of escaping the real life tragedies and sadness they were going through at the time.  And it’s sad to think that the movie going experience is going to be tainted because someone was feeling violent and crazy.  I don’t think going to the movies is going to be the same ever again.  I hate to think that people are going to think twice before trying to experience the awesomeness that can be waiting in line to see a midnight showing of the most anticipated movie of the Summer.  As a  movie goer in my younger years, and having gone to a movie every weekend for a really long time, and having had worked at a video rental place, it makes me sad.  And although I have turned my efforts and obsessions towards television, I am still saddened to think that one person could ruin it for everyone.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and all those who change their minds about going out to the movies in the future for fear that some other crazy person is going to open up and shoot people.