What to do in my spare time…

The regular TV season is ending, and the Summer season will be starting soon.  Which means an awful lot of crappy reality TV, among other things.  Some of my favorite shows are ending – some will be coming back and some will not.  I’ve already seen previews for some of the networks, but Upfronts Week hasn’t started yet, so nothing is really OFFICIAL.

In the meantime, while I’m watching season finales (or buildups to season finales) and waiting for the fate of other shows to be determined, I’ve been wondering what to do to pass the time over the summer instead of watching reality TV.  Especially with the new baby coming, I’m going to have quite a bit of time doing “nothing” but taking care of the baby, so I found out Amazon is having a great deal/sale on movies and TV shows, as well as movie collectibles.

And don’t forget about International Star Wars Day tomorrow!

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Celebrity Apprentice: “I’m Being Punked by a Jackson”

Another week, and another bad firing decision.  Although, again, I think Trump was right in saying he really didn’t have a choice.  La Toya was fired.  However, Trump said himself that had she brought Omarosa back to the boardroom, Omarosa would have been fired – and that would have been the easy choice.  But since she didn’t, and no one agreed with bringing back anyone else to the boardroom, La Toya had to go.

This week’s challenge was to created a live soap opera ad for some new Crystal product.  Stephen Baldwin and La Toya Jackson were the project managers, and both teams got to work with a real soap opera star: Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner.  The entire time, I really wanted Stephen Baldwin’s team to lose because I wanted to see him get fired.  In fact, him being the PM was hilarious because he was really being a dick the whole time and letting all the “power” go to his head.  Marilu Henner said it best when she said, “Stephen is an actor playing the role of a director.”  AWESOME.  And couldn’t be more on.  Even Penn had something to say about his managing style.  But in the end, the Crystal Light executives liked their soap opera better.

Trace Adkins had a major crush on Susan Lucci ❤

La Toya’s team was actually pretty good and had great ideas for their presentation.  The thorn in their team was, of course, Omarosa.  She complained and did the bare minimum while she was there, AND she tried to take off La Toya’s head a time or two.  But then… she left.  An alleged emergency with the estate of her late fiance.  And what it meant was that she didn’t contribute very much to her team.  Which would have been grounds for her to be fired – IF she was brought back to the boardroom.

The judges on Trump’s side of the table were Ivanka and last year’s winner, Aresenio Hall.  He was so cool.  He was fair and did his job without fighting with anyone – until Omarosa tried to pick a fight with him in the boardroom.  It was great to see him back because he really was that awesome.

Again, I think the wrong decision was made on who to bring back to the boardroom, and that cost La Toya her spot on the show.  What was funny was watching her try to flaunt her “Jackson” power.  Both her and Trump brought up the fact that she was fired, and she was brought back – a first in Celebrity Apprentice history.  She wanted to make more history tonite, and requested that she be granted the power to fire someone on her team.  She was ready to fire Omarosa.  Trump denied her, of course, and she ended up NOT bringing Omarosa back to the boardroom.  Considering a minute ago she was ready to fire her, I can’t see why she wouldn’t bring her in and put her on the chopping block.

Right before she was fired, and again during her after interview in the limo, La Toya said she didn’t bring Omarosa to the boardroom because she thought Trump was falling for her fake tears and dramatic attitude.  But Trump said himself that he would have fired Omarosa if she was there.  So initially, La Toya wasn’t taking any crap from Omarosa, but ultimately “backed down” from the fight by not bringing her back to the boardroom.  Clearly, the decision for Trump was easy, but it was the “weak players” to choose from that were the wrong choice.

What do you think of last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice?

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice: Upset

Dee Snider… fired… WTF?

Honestly, I thought he was one of the stronger players, based on watching him in a previous season.  But I guess not.  I was really rooting for him, not only because he’s Dee Snider and he’s awesome, but I hate most of the other team.

And Bret was fired last week, which was just plain crazy.  Especially since this Brande chick had no idea about the numbers and details of her task.  The ONLY reason she wasn’t fired was because she brought in the most money for her team, and Trump just couldn’t do that… it would have been a Celebrity Apprentice first.

So… we’re two episodes in, and there’s so much crap going on, and so many funny things, and so many things I don’t like.

First, I love Lil Jon.  I think he’s hilarious, and he’s brilliant.  Also, seeing him stand next to Dennis Rodman was just awesome!  But I think Lil Jon is my favorite from Team Power.  Not only is he  a strong player, but I’m not rooting for anyone else to win from that side… just sayin.

Ugh… next there’s this whole Omarosa thing.  I can’t believe she was engaged to Michael Clark Duncan.  I hate her even more for ruining such an awesome guy.  ANYway… she was project manager and she was playing for his charity.  And she won.  So, yay for his charity.  But boo for her winning.  AND… she played up the crocodile tears.  LaToya made a great point that EVERYONE sees through this charade and secretly knows that’s she’s using this as leverage to keep her game going.  Did I mention how much I hated Omarosa?  Because I really do.

Gary Busey is awesome.  He’s so crazy, and during last night’s episode, the tickling thing he was doing was just plain creepy – borderline sexual harassment/assault if you’re SUPER uncomfortable with it.

We watched it live last night, which I don’t usually like doing because of all the commercials.  Either Hulu or NBC online are my go to places for this show, but there was nothing else on I wanted to watch.  So we suffered through the commercials.

So… my picks to win this season are…

  • Trace Adkins
  • Bret Michaels
  • Lil Jon
  • Penn Jilette
  • Dee Snider
  • Runner Up – Marylou Henner (who I think could make it really far, just not win the whole thing)

It’s a shame two of my picks have already been fired.  It just means the show (and The Donald) are just plain unpredictable.

Who’s your pick for the all star winner?

Bachelorette Emily and Jef End Engagement: Is Anyone Surprised?

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I had a few thoughts that came to mind.

The news of the latest Bachelorette split comes as no surprise to me, nor should it anyone.  Can a real relationship or true love REALLY come from a televised manufactured series of situations in which you spend the least amount of time with the person you ultimately end up choosing?  Is that really what it takes to find love or make a relationship work?  I kind of doubt it.

Recent Bachelorette, Emily and her fiance Jef (with one “f”) have ended their engagement.    And after only a few months.  They have said the split is on good terms and both have stated that they were a couple in love and trying to make it work.  But obviously, they couldn’t.

I’d never watched the Bachelorette before this season, and I sincerely doubt I’ll ever watch it again.  It felt empty and insincere.  But what can you expect from reality television… it also felt rushed, but when you have 25 guys allegedly vying for the affection of one woman and six weeks to do the wooing in a minimal capacity, there is nothing shocking about the end results.  And it only confirmed my original idea that you can’t find love on a television that is based around finding love.  I understand there are unique circumstances, and there is an exception to every rule, but overall, that’s just not how it works.

Oh, and what kills me, or makes me giggle depending on how you look at it, about this split is that Emily was the “winner” on a previous season of the Bachelor.  And that relationship ended, and Emily was claiming to be hurt by it, and never thought she’d find love again, much less on TV.  And what did she do?  She signed up to be the prize instead off the ass fighting for the prize.  Meh, whatever I guess.

Best of luck to them.  I’m sure they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Celebrity Apprentice All Stars

The newest cast for Celebrity Apprentice has been announced.  And they’re the “all stars.” Fine.  I’ll bite.  But only because I love Celebrity Apprentice.  Here’s what the cast looks like this time around:

For the men:

And for the women:

I think the teams are a little lopsided, unless they’re planning on adding more women.  That also depends on how they divide up the teams.  Will it be men vs women, or will there be some other random criteria?

Anyway.  The men’s team definitely looks strong, and I’m not surprised.  The women, in my opinion, are lacking.  I really only like Lisa Rinna.  All the others I really don’t care much about.  LaToya was a joke, and Omarosa is only famous for being the Apprentice.  Compare them to Penn, Lil Jon, Dee Snider and Dennis Rodman… they don’t stand a chance.

And are they really the all stars?  Actually, they are probably the only ones who agreed to do the show again.

Whatever.  I’ll still watch.  It’s what I do.

Because I actually Watched Snooki & JWoww

This is my obligatory I watch Snooki & JWoww post.  And this is me not openly admitting that I watch this show.  Because if I admit it to the Internet, then it must be true.  Because the Internet never lies.  Really.

So, we’re four episodes into this damn show.  And I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a train wreck it is.  Like, I can’t believe I waited and waited and was excited to watch this show.  Because I wasn’t.  I swear.  Please, Internet, don’t tell anyone.

Not gonna lie.  I’m really disliking it.  And I don’t know if it’s because the length of the show feels short or if this is a show about two genuinely obnoxious women who became famous for no reason, I’m having a hard time finding anything good about the show.  Other than it fed my obsession with reality TV.  Or the Jersey Shore.  Or both.

In this week’s episode, and actually a running gag throughout all the episodes thus far is Snooki telling everyone she’s engaged, and then pregnant.  Her Jersey Shore roommates came to dinner and they were less than accepting of this news, most of them being total jerks and making jokes about how she’s going to be divorced in a year, and having a baby isn’t a race – when the baby’s here, you’re not done.

Ok.  There’s a lot of crap in the media about Snooki, and she says some really dumb things that make me wonder about her ability to be a human, much less a mother, but I feel bad that her news wasn’t better received.  She was hoping for support, and all she got was crap and bad jokes.

Moving along.  They had a housewarming party, and it looks as though there is trouble in paradise for our lovely JWoww and Roger.  With the way he talks about not getting any, I’m not surprised.  But that would mean I actually care about this how.  Which I don’t, I swear.

So, next time on this show that I am not watching, Jenni is going to have some relationship issues, and who knows what’s going to happen to Snooki.

Trust Us with Your Life

Do you remember Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Didn’t you just LOVE that show?  I did.  It was my favorite comedy/improv show on television.  Actually, it was probably the only one on.  Anyway, it was an ABC production, and I think ABC has done it again with a similar show called Trust Us with Your Life.

It’s hilarious.  And it’s by the creators of Whose Line, so of course it’s going to be good.

The premise is similar to that of Whose Line, in that a group of comedians/actors perform skits in different styles according to what is on the card that they know nothing about.  The twist is that there is a celebrity who is telling their story and key points about their childhood and life.

And the best part?  It’s almost the same cast as Whose Line.  There’s Wayne Brady and Colin Mocherie.  Greg Proops showed up in one episode, and some random guy named Craig.  And then, of course, Wayne Brady’s right hand on Let’s Make a Deal, Jonathan Mangum.  Love these guys.  Oh, and the host?  Fred Willard.  Yup.  This is awesome.

Last night the first two episodes aired.  The first was with Serena Williams, and the second was with Jack and Kelly Osbourne.  Not gonna lie.  I didn’t think I was going to be interested in the Serena episode, but it was really good.  It must have been filmed awhile back, as most shows are, but I think it was awfully convenient that she just won Wimbledon.

Serena’s episode was all about her being a little princess, and there was some pretty funny skits about her being a tennis star.

The Osbourne episode was the reason I wanted to watch, not knowing the premise beforehand.  And it did not disappoint, especially once I realized it was like Whose Line.  But the Jack and Kelly were in true form.  They are hilarious and really down to earth and very likable.  Just watch it.


Trust Us with Your Life airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9pm, so check your local listings.